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If you´d like to order an individually crafted drawing, you need to send a photo to be used as a drawing pattern.


Please be aware that:


  1. The drawing can only be as good as the photo!
  2. Portraits are usually done with the whole head visible - so it needs to be visible in the photo also ( it can be done otherwise though if you wish)
  3. Make sure the person in the photo doesn´t "make faces" - like squinting at the sun - this could be nice in a photo, but it doesn´t work well for a portrait ;o)
  4. It is essential that the photograph be of high quality. I need to be able to see the rim of the eye and the fold of the lid in order to provide the best reproduction possible. Of course this wouldn´t apply to reproductions of pets or other animals.
  5. Please no photographs with creative lightning, it interferes with my ability to properly recreate the subject matter.
  6. Pet portrait - a photograph that was taken on eye-level with your pet would make the best portrait